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Safety Box

Our Safety box range is carefully designed after selection of proper materials & testing so you can be assured that your valuables, important documents and cash are secured. Look out for the following features in an array of choices of practical and heavy - duty safes:

No two are the same - Every unit has a unique serial number.

Secured access in opening and locking - The Combination lock keeps your safe door intact even without a key. The probability of cracking the combination code is 1/1,000,000.

Fire Resistant - Made of formidable high - density barrier as thick as 160mm (6.3ins). Provides excellent protection against fire, chemical penetration, power drill and explosives.

Tamper Resistant - Door structure is lock case embedded and reinforced with solid heavy-duty hinges. The combination lock mechanism pushes a maximum depth of 40mm steel bolts out in different directions to secure the sides of the safe door tightly even when the hinges are chopped off. Resists tampering of the door using various tools and techniques used in burglary e.g. Oxyacetylene torch, crow bar and hydraulic jack.

Reinforced Vertical Interlocking - APS Safe transcends the conventional boltwork design for extra tamper resistant safes. See figure 1 – 4 for a comparison of reinforced vertical interlocking mechanism and conventional interlocking system.

Options - We provide customizability to suit your needs. Optional components include Slot Holes, Keylock, Drawer or Safe Stands.

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